Spotlight is a primarily online publication monitoring South Africa’s response to TB and HIV, the state of our health systems and the people that use it and keep it going. We do from time to time produce special print editions of Spotlight when needed and funding allows. We also produce a podcast, although this is still in its pilot phase.

You can connect with us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/SpotlightNSP) and/or on twitter (www.twitter.com/SpotlightNSP). You can e-mail us at SpotlightNSP@protonmail.com.Marcus Low is the current editor of Spotlight and Alicestine Octoberis the deputy editor.


While Spotlight is published by SECTION27 and the Treatment Action Campaign, its editors have full editorial independence. This editorial independence is jealously guarded. Spotlight’s editors, both experienced journalists, are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalistic ethics. Spotlight is run from an office in Cape Town and does not share an office with either SECTION27 or the Treatment Action Campaign.
Spotlight is a member of the South African Press Council. You can read the press code here and find details about how to complain to the press council here should you take issue with any of our stories.


Spotlight is a fully donor-funded publication. The vast majority of Spotlight’s funding comes from the South Africa Development Fund. Spotlight has also received support from the Swedish Institute for International Development.


Spotlight was previously known as the NSP Review. It was renamed, redesigned, and reconceptualised in 2016. The NSP Review was first published in December 2011.